The Water Supply of Bone Creek Reservoir

Of the many lakes in the local area, Bone Creek Reservoir is one of the most important to Crawford and Cherokee county residents.

A 540 acre reservoir just outside Arma, Bone Creek Reservoir supplies water to over 17,000 residents in Crawford and Cherokee counties. Water production from Bone Creek Reservoir began in 2000, when a water treatment plant was built near the lake.

Reservoirs are a common way to supply water to nearby communities. They maintain their water level naturally, as rain and snow falls onto watersheds (protected land around the reservoir) and eventually flows into the reservoir itself. As the water flows across soil, rocks, and plants, the material begins to clean the water. The water treatment process is completed by the treatment plant before it gets distributed to residents throughout Crawford and Cherokee counties.

Bone Creek lake itself is a very young body of water established in 1996 by flooding the Bone Creek Valley. It was intended from the start as the water supply for residents of surrounding counties. However, the reservoir is also a well-known spot for fishing. The lake is stocked regularly with monster-size largemouth bass, catfish and crappie.

Regional bass tournaments are held weekly and monthly, including the American Bass Anglers Association District 128E Tournaments and Jackpot tournaments held at Bone Creek every Thursday night during the summer. Current angler reports are available to guide anglers as they fish the lake.