Four reasons your event should be in Crawford County, Kansas

A central location, facilities normally found in larger cities are easier to get to and more affordable, everyone has something to do, & hometown hospitality.

#1 Central location

Locals like to brag that we’re only a few hours away from Kansas City, Branson, Fayetteville, Tulsa, and Wichita. We’re also a long day’s drive from the Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Canada, or Mexico.

That means we’re in a prime location for national and regional events whose participants are spread across the U.S., especially if they’re driving. For those flying, we’re less than 3 hours from two international airports – Kansas City & Tulsa.

Location is not an accomplishment, but it sure is convenient.

#2 Big city services – Small town charm

A mining boom and a college town now provides event spaces, sports facilities and services usually found only in larger cities, but with the affordability, hospitality and ease of getting place to place of a small town.

When a major event comes to Crawford County, Kansas, it’s not just another big event going on. It’s the showcased event of the week.

#3 Something for everyone during downtime

There’s a unique natural habitat and heritage unlike anywhere else in the state: where prairie meets the Ozarks, that’s been shaped by man, beast and machine; and, immigrants came to work the mines, and brought with them an entrepreneurial spirit that led to bootlegging and being the fried chicken mecca of Kansas.

Explore our history. Enjoy various shops & foods. Go kayaking, fishing or hunting. Channel your inner lumberjack. Try your luck at the casino. Cheer on the Gorillas. Or doze out on the lake.

There isn’t an amusement park, zoo, or any other big ticket distraction. Instead, there’s a community festival or holiday event, live music and theatre nearly every weekend of the year somewhere in the county.

There isn’t one big attraction here, other than Big Brutus, but we truly have something for everyone: food, fun, history, leisure, live entertainment, recreation, and sports.

#4 Our people

Our central location, facilities and affordability are what first draws national and international events to Crawford County.

But, event organizers continuously return because we have the energy and enthusiasm of a college town, with the personal touch of small hometown hospitality, and are determined to create an unforgettable experience.