There’s no place in Kansas like Southeast Kansas

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    by Brett Dalton

    TOAST has been one of the hottest new restaurants on the scene since opening in 2019. Its creative take on traditional dishes, combined with the artistic […]

  • The Black House
    by Brett Dalton

     The interview had ended, and it was time to take a few pictures. “By the way, don’t take photos of the outside.” Why not? “I don’t want […]

  • Root Coffeehouse
    by Brett Dalton

    He has a biology degree and spent a good chunk of his career in public education. So of course Brad Stefanoni now runs a coffeehouse downtown. 

  • The Meat Shed
    by Brett Dalton

    No pigs in the house. That was his wife’s only rule once he decided to try this. “So we built the first shop out in the garage,” said Matt DeMoss, […]

  • Books & Burrow
    by Brett Dalton

     Opening a business is exciting. And risky. And scary. And stressful.  Unless you don’t give yourself time to feel any of that. “We gave ourselves […]

  • White Elephant Emporium
    by Brett Dalton

    They knew this would be a unique thing for Pittsburg.  It’s eclectic. Like them.  “One of the main questions we had at the start was whether […]