Miners Hall Museum quarterly exhibit: Of Money and Metals: Doing Business in the Mining Era

From Miners Hall Museum

January 2— March 25, 2023

Join us as we begin 2023 with our first quarterly exhibit. “Of Money and Metals: Doing Business in the Mining Era”. 

Dave Sorrick, our host, is the co-owner of In God We Trust LLC in Mindenmines, Missouri. Sorrick has over forty years of numismatic experience as a collector and dealer. He is a member of all local coin clubs and has served in a variety of offices in those hobby organizations. Sorrick is a post-president of the Kansas Numismatic Association and was appointed to the Kansas Commemorative Coin Commission to oversee the design of the Kansas state quarter in 2005. He currently hosts the Second Tuesday Coin and Currency Auctions monthly in Mindenmines, as well as annual coin shows in Lamar and Joplin, Missouri.

We will explore the means of commerce—the coins, currency and substitutes that made doing business possible during the mining era of 1860 to 1980.  You will learn about the changes in the composition of our coins, the common alternatives to legal tender and the transition from the use of coins to the adoption of currency and related financial instruments.

Three special monthly programs will be held on Sunday afternoons at 2 pm. Doors open at 1:30. Admission to all programs is free. 

  • January 15: “Coins, Currency, Tokens, and Scrip” will be presented by Dave Sorrick.  He will present an overview of the use of copper and precious metals in commerce and the Mining era (1857 to 1971.
  • February 19: “Banknotes and Banking” will be presented by Dave Sorrick and a panel including Brent Bedene. Join us for a discussion of National Bank notes and local banking traditions.
  • March 12: “Discover Your Treasure” will be presented by Dave Sorrick with special guest Janet Dermott-Baxter. Learn how to sort your coins for appraisal with your Q&A specific to your accumulation. “Which may I spend and which should I save?”   Meet the artist who created Abe, the CENTennial Pig (aka Abe) for the 2016 SEK Artfest.

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