Fun Zone Depot Murals

104 N Locust
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 719-8390

Historic building includes decades old 140′ exterior painted sign. Murals inside include coal fired kiddy-sized train & logos honoring local schools.

Since the 1880’s, this building has been repurposed many times. These murals were chosen specifically to honor that heritage.

The kiddy-train is a nod to the building’s early years, when it employed 350 workers and was used as an iron works foundry, then later built rail cars.

For decades, an open floor plan was perfect for a local printer – Pittcraft – whose exterior sign remains on the west, road-side wall and continues to be touched up to look like new.

This small county once had more than 100 schools due to the number of mining camps. The school districts who were consolidated and survived are honored with murals of their school logos.