Downtown Pittsburg Artwalk Mural

501 N Broadway St
Pittsburg, KS 66762

Pittsburg ArtWalk commissioned 6 Artists to complete a mural on the side of the 501 N Broadway building. Each artist had their own space on the wall to complete with the vague theme of “Your Downtown”. As with all art, it is open to interpretation by the viewer and the creator.

ArtWalk obtained a grant from the SEK ArtFest to help complete the 2nd phase of the mural, above the 6 spaces.

Many, many long hours went into the project. Artists even traveled from Omaha, NE to work on their portion.

We hope there is something for everyone in this project. Whether you call it “street art”, “fine art” or “mural” we hope you find joy in the vibrancy it brings to the heart of Downtown Pittsburg, KS

Thank you to the following artists, organizers and Sponsors:

Elizabeth Cosby
Camillia Fearmonti
Jenna Spencer
Bryan Lewandowski
Holly Kranker
Kelci Cooper
Amanda Smardo
Heather L Horton (assisted)

Roger Horton
Heather Horton
John Kutz
Kris Hartley
Kelci Cooper

CDL Electric
TJ Lelands
JS Kutz Rentals & Construction
SEK Art Fest
Pittsburg ArtWalk