Music festival and overland rally return to Big Brutus: September 29-30

This is not your normal concert experience. For the third year, Big Brutus will be the site of a music festival and overland rally. To be held September 29-30, 2023, this unique location and experience are matched by unique performers who have their own blend of various genres: bluegrass, blues, classic country, classic rock, funk, jazz, pop, rap, reggae, even disco and EDM.

The Big Iron Overland Rally is such a fun atmosphere. It’s a great way to reconnect with friends throughout the Midwest in an incredible setting. The classes are always top notch and the music really sets the mood for a great weekend. Big Brutus is such a special place, it warms our hearts to be able to give back and help preserve such an incredible piece of history.

Chris Holloway – Founder MOORE EXPO and Director of the Big Iron Overland Rally

Music lineup

Friday, September 29, 2023

Bluegrass at the Bucket with Old Outlaws and Whiskey

2:00 PM CST at the Brutus Bucket Stage

Gritty outlaw country, the smoky charm of blues, the timeless allure of classic rock, and the smooth warmth of whiskey-soaked ballads.

Crossroads Blues with Leeper and Simpson

4:00 PM CST in Tent B

This guitarist and soulful harmonica player transport audiences through Mississippi blues and classic country melodies.


6:00 PM CST on the Main Stage

Classic rock with hits from the 70s to the present.

The Juice

8:00 PM CST on the Main Stage

A high-energy dance experience whose sonic journey includes rock, funk, hip hop, reggae, country, pop, and more.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Bluegrass at the Bucket: Dirty Strings

2:00 PM CST at the Brutus Bucket Stage

A Jamgrass powerhouse. Rooted in bluegrass, they venture into rock and roll, jazz, reggae and even psychedelia.

Crossroads Blues with Art Bentley

4:00 PM CST in Tent B

With a rich musical legacy spanning decades – 14 albums since the early 1990s – Art has opened for Dierks Bentley and Eric Church, and this summer has performed around Lake of the Ozarks and Branson.

Adam Johnston Band

6:00 PM CST on the Main Stage

Heavily influenced by iconic bands from the 60’s, like Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Sly & the Family Stone, Santana, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and more, his original music has evolved to embrace modern funk, disco, jazz, progressive rock, and EDM.

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8:30 PM CST on the Main Stage

The ultimate 80’s tribute act. The most iconic hits ignite this epic party.

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Officially called the Big Iron Overland Rally, this concert experience includes a campout at the West Mineral, Kansas historic landmark will have activities for family fun, live music, food, and vendor exhibits. 

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What is overlanding?

The event is an opportunity for locals to learn about this relatively new form of camping. Overlanding is best described as camping in remote areas, off-grid, without the need to hook up to utilities. At the most extreme, it can include the use of specially outfitted vehicles. The concept exploded in popularity during the 2020 pandemic, providing a way for families to escape to areas where they could safely distance themselves from other campers while exploring and enjoying the country. 

Overlanding Class Schedule

Friday, September 29, 2023

10:30 AM CST – Tent A – Location, Location, Location: How to find safe campsites when traveling solo. By Misti Tokarsky and Aria Cress.

10:30 AM CST – Tent B – Take it or leave it: What to keep in your first aid kit and what to pitch. By Switchback Outdoor Safety.

12:00 PM CST – Tent A – Vehicle recovery gear – The right tool for the job. By Switchback Outdoor Safety.

12:00 PM CST – Tent B – Find your tribe: Building an overland community of women at the Ladies’ Overland Lounge. A networking event by Misti Tokarsky and Arla Cress.

1:30 PM CST – Tent A – Introduction to GAIA GPS. By Matt McClellan.

1:30 PM CST – Tent B – First Aid and Trauma Preparedness. By Switchback Outdoor Safety.

3:00 PM CST – Tent B – Overlanding for beginners. By Misti Tokarsky and Arla Cress.

3:30 PM CST – Tent A – Maps and MARGS. By Team Wild Mavens.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

9:00 AM CST – Tent A – Best Breakfast Judging. By Overland Spice.

10:30 AM CST – Tent A – First Aid and Trauma Preparedness. By Switchback Outdoor Safety.

10:30 AM CST – Tent B – Hygiene while overlanding and camping. By Misti Tokarsky and Arla Cress.

12:00 PM CST – Tent A – Best Lunch and Dessert Judging. By Overland Spice.

12:00 PM CST – Tent B – Offroad vehicle recovery basics. By Switchback Outdoor Safety.

1:30 PM CST – Tent A – Safety when traveling solo for women. By Misti Tokarsky and Arla Cress.

1:30 PM CST – Tent B – Meet the Miners: The men of Big Brutus Meet & Greet.

3:00 PM CST – Tent A – Introduction to GAIA GPS.

5:45 PM CST – Tent B – Best Camp Dinner Judging.


Vendors include premium overland camping and adventure motorcycling, off-road vehicle parts, power sports equipment, competitive outdoor sports equipment, kayaking, hiking, survival amenities, live product demonstrations, truck accessories, and more. 

Event hosts

The event is hosted by MOORE, Midwest Overlanding and Off-Road Expo, and Big Brutus, Inc., the 16-story electric shovel that is on the National Register of Historic Places. Surrounded by the Mined Land Wildlife Areas, areas once mined for coal and now used for recreational use, Big Brutus also happens to be centrally located between two favorite locations of overlanding enthusiasts: the Flint Hills and the Ozark Mountains.