Beach area to be focus of annual July 2 celebration at Crawford State Park

FARLINGTON, Kan. – An Old Fashioned Independence celebration will once again be held at Crawford State Park on July 2, but this year it will look a little different to those who have been before. The event goes on rain or shine, and since sitting in the rain or baking in the sun is never fun, Crawford State Park Manager Dave Goble said this year a few changes have been made to improve the experience.

“We’re moving over to the beach area with the live entertainment, and the cookout will be out of the shelter house this year,” Goble said. “Plus, we’ll have a large tent.”

The normal gate fee will apply – a $5 entry fee per vehicle or no fee if you already have your annual vehicle permit/park passport.

In addition to Lake View Café, the Friends of Crawford State Park will have a cookout based in the shelter house that overlooks the beach. A large tent will be put up for people to sit under and eat.

“The Friends group does a really nice cookout that helps pay for the fireworks – very good hamburgers and food of that nature,” Goble said. “It will be shaded and cool – we’re taking them out of the sun.”

Activities begin at 5 p.m. Performing later in the evening is Dan Duling and Stone Country, who will perform from a stage that will be set up by the beach shelter house.

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