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October 3, 2023

One of Chicago’s most dynamic ensembles to perform in Pittsburg on October 13

Quintet Attacca, one of Chicago's most dynamic chamber music ensembles, will make a stop in Pittsburg on…
October 2, 2023

Oktoberfest celebrations

Grab your lederhosen, and prepare to polka and party!

Croatian Heritage in Southeast Kansas special exhibit at Miners Hall Museum

Family photo is the Stimac children. Their parents emigrated from Crnilug, Croatia in 1899 and…

Pitt State Theatre announces 2023-24 season 

From "Animal Farm" presented by Pitt State Theatre in April 2023. Pitt State Theatre, a…

Pumpkin Patches

Three pumpkin patches each offer something different for visitors to Crawford County in Southeast Kansas:…

Musical artists from around the world plan concerts at Pitt State

Musical artists from around the world are heading to Pittsburg this year as part of…

Art exhibits open in PSU galleries

Two art exhibits have opened in galleries in Porter Hall, home to the Art Department…

Tickets on sale now for Broadway shows coming to the Bicknell Center: Annie, STOMP, Damn Tall Buildings

Tickets sales for two popular national acts making a stop in Pittsburg, Kansas this season will begin on Friday, Aug. 18, at…

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If you want to advocate for Southeast Kansas as a great place to live and visit, the Explore Crawford County Advisory Board is your opportunity to do something about it.…

What We're Known For

Gorilla Capital of the World

Gorilla Capital of the World

the only collegiate gorilla mascot

Our Story

Our Story

coal, troublemakers & fried chicken

Unique habitat for outdoor recreation

Unique habitat for outdoor recreation

birding, fishing, gravel biking, hunting, kayaking & photography

Big Brutus

Big Brutus

world's largest remaining electric shovel

The Amazon Army

The Amazon Army

women's march made national headlines

Home to six of the oldest chicken houses in Kansas

Home to six of the oldest chicken houses in Kansas

Area known for fried chicken since the 1930's

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Explore Crawford County

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