3rd quarter exhibit at Miners Hall Museum: The War To End All Wars

Posted on behalf of Miners Hall Museum

FRANKLIN, Kan. – Miners Hall Museum in Franklin, Kansas is proud to announce the 2019 Third Quarterly Exhibit, “The War to End All Wars” opening July 1 and continuing through September 28, 2019.

The exhibit is hosted by Joe Maghe. Joseph Maghe was born and raised in Franklin, Kansas and was a 1974 graduate of KSCP (PSU). He has been retired since 2013 and spends his free time speaking on, studying, and researching military history with his emphasis being the Irish who fought in America’s Civil War.

This exhibit and programs will focus on the artifacts and stories of the men that served in in the militaries of the world from 1914 through 1918 and the subsequent Treaty of Versailles.

There will be special monthly programs during the quarter. We hope you will join us for these free and interesting programs:

  • July 14 – 2 p.m.: Harry S. Truman – WW1 Memories, presented by Kavan Stull. Mr. Stull will portray Harry Truman in his old WW1 uniform as he tells about his military service after his retirement from Public life.
  • August 25 – 2 p.m.: Uniforms and Equipments of the Imperial German Army 1914 -1918, presented by Barry Linduff. His presentation will be a detailed examination and explanation of artifacts from WW1 that were used by the German military.
  • September 22 -2 p.m.: Mighty Men of War: The Soldiers of Carthage in World War 1, be presented by Jeff Patrick. This presentation will focus on the experiences of Captain Ward Schrantz and his men from Jasper County, Mo and their experiences from training camp through one of the bloodiest battles of The Great War… The Argonne Forest of France.

For further information on our programs you can follow “Miners Hall Museum” on Facebook or Twitter or become a member of the museum.

If you have artifacts, photos, or stories relating to this exhibit and would like to donate or loan them for this exhibit or future display at the museum, please contact the museum to share this wonderful history.

The museum is open for viewing Monday through Saturday 10:00 am through 4:00 pm. Call 620-347-4220 to set up tours for large groups. Admission to the museum and the programs is free. Donations are accepted and appreciated.

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